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Predictive Analytics.

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to discover hidden insights & opportunities



See it in Action: AI For Optimization

We worked directly with our industry-leading global automotive client partner to develop a predictive analytics engine that optimized their campaign targeting based on a customer's propensity to respond and their expected LTV (lifetime value).

Automated dashboards tracked the campaign performance in real-time and provided recommended actions on messaging, channel and offers based on the customer's profile, maximizing performance throughout the campaign. This consistently led to double-digit lifts in campaign response rates, retention of their most valuable customers, and over 10X ROI.


Business Intelligence

Tracking the performance of the most important metrics that drive your business in real-time

Data Visualization | Automated Interactive Dashboards | Deep Dives 


See it in action: Data-Driven Decision Making Using BI

We worked side-by-side with the Product, Design and Engineering team within our world-renowned media client to help define, track and measure the success of their newly redesigned app they were launching. We worked collaboratively to understand their objectives, established baselines, and defined the key results that would determine success. We built a performance dashboard that tracked the user adoption, stickiness and usage patterns of the app that led to timely product decisions on improvements and enhancements to app features. This led to unprecedented user growth and engagement and won an industry award for best News app.


 Consumer Research

Using qualitative and quantitative methods to identify your customer's drivers, attitudes and values that correlate to customer value and loyalty

Survey Design & Execution | Focus Groups | Segmentation


See it in action:
Identifying Key Loyalty Drivers

Our media client partner wanted to understand who their best, most loyal customer's were and how to reach them. We partnered with them to design, plan and execute an innovative online customer panel where we interviewed high and low value customers (as identified by our engagement algorithm) to identify their higher-order drivers, motivations and values. We took this customer panel and mapped it back to the data to enhance their customer profiles, and created a robust Customer Segmentation based on their usage behavior, financial value, attitudes and demographics. This led to a tailored marketing strategy to not only retain their best customers but to also attract similar prospects and further engage their existing base.



Analytics Strategy

Partnering with you to apply analytical best practices to help align your business objectives with key results



See it in action: Objective setting & key result tracking

We worked closely with the CTO and Head of Product of our world-renowned media client partner to implement OKRs (Objective and Key Results). This results-driven framework — famed by companies such as Google and Intel — involved getting executive buy-in, cross-functional participation, and organizational (and cultural) alignment. We helped define a measurement and analytics strategy based on these objectives set and created performance dashboards that regularly tracked the Key Results against those objectives. We worked collaboratively with teams across Data, Finance, Product, Design, Engineering, Membership, Marketing and Advertising to amalgamate disparate data sources, define requirements, and implement the dashboards which would be shared company wide. The success of OKRs were so great that it will be implemented across the company.